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Krystal's Pixels Inception
All that advertising and nothing happens

I've been advertising my small consulting firm on Craigslist for two years and when first starting out it was totally hit or miss with my advertisements. Some weeks I was fully booked meeting potential clients, and other weeks you could just about hear crickets chirping - on the moon. Then one day a management consultant mentioned three letters that changed my game completely;
Key Performance Indicators Are commonly used in the business world to monitor the health of a business through crucial indicators rather than just checking it's bank balance. And for my business I needed to find an effective way to monitor my craigslist marketing performance.
I needed to know how well each ad was performing so that I could fine tune my subject line and content for better results. And, to do so I would need to be able to compare variations to my message subject and content.
I also needed to track the clickthroughs from my ads to my website, and know exactly which subject and content combinations were getting the best results.
I read up on convoluted ways in which someone could track craigslist hits but they were cumbersome and I needed to be able to track a handful or so of different ads - each week. So I made my own tracking system with the help of my daughter who was just finishing school. It was far from being ready for prime time, but I could quickly create a unique pixel for each ad that I was posting and I knew immediately how effective my advertisements were.
It doesn't end with Craigslist. Krystal's Pixels is the culmination of two years of Research and Development in the world of Craigslist and other 'message' tracking where I've created a tool set that's useful in many other area's including a less invasive 'Return-Receipt' email tracker for client newsletters or the occasional bureaucrat who wouldn't acknowledge receiving any emails.
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