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Owning A Legendary Piece of History
and Selling your 1973 Plymouth Duster

I created Krystal's Pixels to track my ads on craigslist - It was pretty simple
(read: It was ugly) at first but the information I was able to gather from it was quite valuable. Krystal's Pixels is a tool that allows me to track how many people are viewing my Craigslist ads, when they're viewing them, and how many people are clicking on the links inside those ads.
Here's how Krystal's Pixels can help;

We know that if an antique tea cart we post for sale on craigslist get's ten phone calls in the first hour it's online and then sold within the next hour that we have an effective advertisement, and had a pretty awesome tea cart. But what about the rest of the story? How much could that tea cart have fetched if I didn't answer the phone in the first hour? (artificial scarcity anyone?). Did that ad get just ten viewers who all happened to call, and just one caller willing to buy? or was there a hundred or more people actually interested in the tea cart.
And what about the not-so-hot commodities, and the not so effective ads? When my rusty '73 Plymouth Duster doesn't get any calls do I just give up and watch it rot in my yard? Of course not. Instead I regroup, take a deep breath and move forward.

By Changing my approach, the ads subject line:
'Rust Colored Duster' becomes: 'Own A Legendary Piece of History From 1973!' 

With that change, the phone rings and I answer it.

"Ya um hi" the slack jawed voice utters, "I um saw your ad on um craigslist - and I was um you know wondering if you um - if you still had that Duster?"

"Dude" I reply, "that Craigslist ad is an hour old - just how fast does your legendary piece sell?

"oh ya ya right man, um ya of course" He continues, "it's cool. So um ya hey man listen, I've got this um old Honda motorcycle that I could trade you for it."

"Oh Great" I think - or did I say that out loud? because I've got a rusting Duster in my yard, a kid that needs dental work, and this knuckle-head wants to trade me his motorcycle.

By the way, I hope you all have call waiting while these knuckleheads wax pathetic.
Now the question is; how many hits did the classified ad get?

I swear to you, two more calls like this one and you'd either slit your wrists, drop a pipe bomb in the Duster. Or sit in the Duster slitting your wrists and lighting that pipe bomb right there.

So Here's a few scenarios and possible responses that could save your life, and possibly even your Duster;

Scenario 1: A hundred ad hits while talking to this knucklehead.
Response: He hears a click as you're hanging up the phone.

Scenario 2: Only two hits and the call waiting caller id shows someone named Cletus Spuckler. 
Your Response: "Does your motorcycle run? Then Bring it and a bottle of whiskey."

At least a motorcycle takes up less space on the front lawn and the whiskey is safer than a pipe bomb.
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    What Others Say
    "Krystal's Pixels trackers have helped me better understand which titles and advertisements get me the best results."
    - Logan P., Amarillo, Texas.
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