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Terms and Conditions of Use

Krystal's Pixels is a lead tracking service for individuals and businesses. In order to keep our costs down we must retain all rights to manage, control, and disseminate information stored and processed within our service infrastructure.

Krystal's Pixels offers no warranty either explicit or implied to the completeness and accuracy of data tracked or contained within our network of services.

Krystal's Pixels warrants paid services up to and including the prior month of service dating before any warranty claims were made. The extent of such warranty is limited to the amount paid for services during the forementioned period.

Any free account does not in any way constitute a paid service and holds no warranty.

Krystal's Pixels does not support or condone any usage of our services in the promotion of hatred or abuses towards other persons.

Krystal's Pixels retains all rights to software and data stored within our network infrastructure - Except where specifically exempted by previously dated licensing agreements.

Krystal's Pixels is a Product of Gigline Communications, Inc. All applicable rights retained under state and federal commerce law's in Utah, United States of America.
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